November 2009

99 Margiela 0s For Sale For the First Time

99 Margiela 0s For Sale For the First Time thumbnail

Iconic items from Maison Martin Margiela’s handmade contraption-couture line Artisanal are for sale for the first time ever, via auction at Nostalgic and intriguing, the selections serve as a sort of Margiela retrospective. An homage to the mystery and innovation that the man and master delivered during an imageless reign of 20 years. Belgian-born […]

See You Later, Alligator?

See You Later, Alligator? thumbnail

Amid all the hullabaloo about the economy, it’s easy to criticize the fashion industry and say that the financial woes of companies like Gucci and Versace are just deserts for encouraging frivolity.  It’s easy to say simply that this is no longer a world for luxury, and too bad if luxury fashion doesn’t sell anymore. […]

Posen Goes International

Posen Goes International thumbnail

One of our favorite dapper gentlemen is expanding his fashion empire: Zac Posen is slated to release a lower-priced capsule collection in conjunction with Target’s Go International line. This announcement comes on the heels of news about Z Spoke, Posen’s exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue collection, and we’re pleased that designers like Posen are attempting to […]

Kindle’s #1 (but it’s not as impressive as it sounds)

Kindle’s #1 (but it’s not as impressive as it sounds) thumbnail

If you’re scouring Amazon for their great Cyber Monday Deals today, you may want to check out their number one selling item. Blue-Ray DVDs? Wii consoles? Going Rogue?  Nope. Amazon released a press release today stating that the Kindle, the incumbent eReader facing competition from Barnes & Noble’s Nook, is currently its top dog. Thanks […]

Cyber Monday Deals Guide

Cyber Monday Deals Guide thumbnail

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! The time has come to help all those companies get rid of the stock that even Black Friday couldn’t finish off – all at great prices for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start (the internets is a big and scary place, after all), let us recommend a few sites […]

Pantsuits Are SOOO Last Administration

Pantsuits Are SOOO Last Administration thumbnail

Judging a book by its cover is an involuntary act most people engage in daily, albeit striving otherwise. The point is that first impressions do matter. Often your cover means what you are wearing, and like it or not, the associations and messages thus projected precede any subsequent interaction. This is only ordinary, everyday encounters, […]

Menswear Trend Alert: ‘Washed Leather Jacket’

Menswear Trend Alert: ‘Washed Leather Jacket’ thumbnail

The lates trend to hit the menswear scene this season is the washed leather jacket. A distinct worn look accents the piece and creates an edgy feel as opposed to the more tailored leather looks we’ve seen on the runways. If the style suits you, there are great deals to be had on designer discount sites […]

Lagerfeld’s Jewel-Encrusted Scooter Helmets Out Now

Lagerfeld’s Jewel-Encrusted Scooter Helmets Out Now thumbnail

Karl Lagerfeld debuted his new scooter helmet this year complete with jewels, pearls and mink. At first sight, we thought that the creation was merely theatrics, but lo and behold, the 12 made are now available for sale just in time for the holidays. One thing we love about the helmet is the functionality: complete with an iPod […]

Diamonds, a Boy’s Best Friend?

Diamonds, a Boy’s Best Friend? thumbnail

Swarovski has commissioned designers to create menswear pieces with one central theme in mind: diamonds. Now we know some men are thinking this is crazy, but take a look at the still-hip designs they came up with. The goal was to prove that diamond-embellished menswear “can work in a commercial context and not just as statement pieces […]

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