September 2009

Architects in Concert

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We’ve all heard Goethe’s musing that “architecture is like frozen music.” This Saturday, October 3rd, architects in Los Angeles will try their hands at music of the unfrozen variety. As if brilliant home designs, with spouting facades or tiled roundabouts in the driveway weren’t their sole arena of expertise, architects and design professionals from across the […]

Moss You Want On Your Walls

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While moss is generally not something you want to find creeping up your walls, a Japanese group of architects and designers known as Nendo Studio has found a way to make moss into a veritable work of art. The group, which draws inspiration from the natural occurrences of everyday life (in this case, the moss-ridden banks of a […]

Jimmy Choo and Elton Team Up for Charity

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Elton John’s AIDS foundation has teamed with Jimmy Choo in a project to help fight HIV at its earliest and most crucial point, the first 72 hours. Choo has dedicated a website to offer accessories in a limited edition collection designed solely to support organizations built to support AIDS victims. Dubbed the PEP Collection, it […]

Catch it While You Can – Wang’s Last Stand

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On-sale and on-trend, these Alexander Wang pants are a steal of a stylish-staple deal. 70% off at $116.40 from Shopbop.

If Everyone Jumped: Pantlessness

If Everyone Jumped: Pantlessness thumbnail

NYMag picked up on the pantless trend that Prada “toyed with” for Fall and committed to for Spring: “she shaved a few inches off the shorts, sending veritable panties down the runway”. Alexander Wang also showed undies-as-outties.                       Taylor Momsen received a lot of attention […]

Chanel’s Collection Noirs Obscurs

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Chanel is launching a new limited edition collection in November as a tribute to the “enduring power” of black. Chanel Makeup Creative Director Peter Philips has created the line, Collection Noirs Obscurs, to pay homage to the classic color black from its inception with Chanel’s Little Black Dress. Everything in the deep palette can be […]

Interior Inspirations: Give Your Room a Theme Song

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When Joy Thigpen, a stylist and photographer, got down to decorating her new home, she knew she wanted to create a space that was lighthearted, fun, and practically bursting with color. Then she found her muse. No, it wasn’t a pillow or a poster – it was a song. Feist’s quirky “Mushaboom” to be exact. We think that giving a room […]

William Tempest’s Secret 7

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William Tempest, the 23 year old designer whose lauded and sought-after designs have been described as The Matrix meets The Maltese Falcon, gave The Telegraph the low-down on the travel destinations he adores. From a small shell shop in the South of England where Tempest adds to his rare shell collection to the inspiring Paris Studio […]

Teen Retailers Target Moms

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Teen clothing retailers are taking a new approach to increasing sales by making their stores more “mom friendly.” Some of the changes at stores like Aeropostale and Buckle include wider aisles, softer music, and brighter lighting. Retailers believe the moves will encourage parents to take their teens shopping. Read the full story {Budget Fashionista}

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